We Are French Kiwis

An online destination bringing exclusive and unique eyewear, created just for you, the modern-go-getter who is not ready to sacrifice style for your changing eyewear needs.

While we all evolve with age, it's how we approach this change that defines us.

A solution that does not compromise on style or price

The quest for great style does not end in your 40s, 50s, 60s or 70s and that includes your eyewear. Presbyopia is a common condition affecting many people as they age, causing the eyes to lose the ability to focus on nearby objects. Our reading glasses not only correct your vision, but also provide a solution that does not compromise on style or price. 

These are not your average readers

Say goodbye to unflattering frames you are uncomfortable wearing. Affordable luxury, frames designed with industry leading first class Mazzucchelli acetate, are now within reach without the high price tag. Our frames push past the stigmatism of ageism to deliver fresh styles that effortlessly keep up with the latest fashion trends.

Here’s to a clearer today, to embrace all of life’s possibilities.

Our designs are crafted with utmost integrity and an innovation for fashionable readers tailored for the mature, style-savvy, and even playful, individual. The world of French Kiwis was created just for you, so feel free to shop with confidence.