A simple walk down the street can be made extraordinary by the perfect outfit put with the perfect pair of shoes and, of course, completed with the perfect pair of glasses.

And yet the process of finding the perfect fit is often less enjoyable... At French Kiwis, we don’t think this should be the case. So, we developed this guide that makes finding the perfect fit fun! Feel free to go off-piste and pick the frames that make you feel your best!


Wide frames begin at 140mm (5 ½ inches). Are you tired of wide frames being harder to buy? Worry no longer! French Kiwis has a large selection of stylish wide frames to suit larger heads. Make sure to use our filter to help you find the perfect wide fit frames.


Average frames measure between 131mm - 139mm (5⅛ – 5½ inches). If your head is an average size, most frames will fit you! The other good news is that all of our frames are anything but average. Make sure to use our filter to help you find the perfect average but so not average fit frames.


Narrow frames measure up to 130mm (5 1/8 inches). If you’re finished with frames that slide down your face, take a look at our range of chic, narrow frames- perfect for smaller head sizes! Make sure to use our filter to help you find the perfect narrow fit frames.


Like anything in life, finding the perfect frames for your face is all about balance. Generally, if you have a more angular face, softer round frames will suit you best. On the other hand, if you have a more round face, rectangular frames will create contrast and offset your features perfectly.


Iconic and fashionable, wayfarer glasses have a broad upper rim that is made of plastic and goes out to a point (sometimes called “wings”). The original wayfarers were sunglasses and had a black rim to match the dark lens color, and although this style is still popular as a timeless, go-to pair of sunglasses, today Wayfarers are unisex and found in almost any size, shape and color, to use as sunglasses, as vision correcting spectacles or even just as a fashion statement. Wayfarer frames are best suited for all shaped faces but especially round and oval. 


Strong and sleek, choosing rectangle frames is a real power move. Typically characterized by their angular style, rectangle frames are great at creating a structured silhouette both for men and women. However, for a slightly more understated look, you can go for rectangle frames with softer edges. Rectangular frames are best suited for round and oval shaped faces.


As one of the most iconic styles of sunglasses and optical frames, aviators are a classic unisex shape and have uncanny ability to add a sense of instant coolness and swagger to any look. Aviators are best suited for square and heart shaped faces.


Elevate your everyday style with a pair of cat eye frames. A style that feels infinitely modern despite its vintage vibe, cat eye frames are both bold and versatile. Cateye frames are best suited for heart and square shaped faces.


Square frames are confident and contemporary whilst being subtle and sophisticated. The perfect juxtaposition, all eyes will be on you in a pair of these. Square frames are best suited for round and oval shaped faces.


Round frames were the first style to ever be designed. Unisex, classy and cool, they never go out of fashion. Whether you go for a pair of retro frames or a fresh take on this classic style is up to you, but you can’t go wrong with round frames! Round frames are best suited for square and heart shaped faces.


Half the frame but double the elegance. Don’t be fooled by their simple appearance, half-rim frames are a truly standout style. They’re an entirely practical choice too, since they allow you to read easily whenever you need to.


Adjustable Nosepads

Particularly suited for people with a low nasal bridge, our adjustable titanium nosepads combine comfort with precision. Made of a premium material, they ensure a perfect fit that stays in place all day. Titanium Nosepads are available on our mixed material (acetate & metal) styles.


With a space between the bridge and the lens that looks like (you guessed it) a keyhole, the keyhole bridge prevents marks from being left on the skin. The keyhole bridge elongates the nose so it's perhaps best suited for those with smaller noses, though it really is widely flattering.


The saddle bridge ensures that the weight of the frames is spread evenly so that no pressure is placed on the face. Subtle and sleek, the saddle bridge suits a number of face shapes.