What should I do if my glasses slide down my nose or don’t sit straight on my face?

You can visit a qualified optician who will adjust your glasses for a more exact fit. Most eye care professionals will do these adjustments at no charge.

How do I figure out my ideal magnification/strength?

If you’re not sure what strength is best, our handy test can help you figure it out.

Please note that while this is a great way to help determine strength, the test is no substitute for the recommendations of your eye care professional. You can go into any eye care provider and ask them to measure your PD or try our reader strength test here.

How do I care for my glasses?

Your glasses are made to last and are very low-maintenance, but we have outlined a few tips which will help you to keep them in the best condition here:

We provide a complimentary soft case with all of our frames. In order to reduce wear and tear, try to store them in here whenever they’re not in use. 

Only you will know how often to clean your glasses… You won’t be able to see out of smudged lenses! Make sure that you dry the lenses only with a soft, clean cloth, like the one included in you package, to avoid scratching.

If you’ve had your glasses for a while, they may need an occasional tune up. You can tighten loose screws with a small screwdriver fairly easily yourself or simply visit an optical store every six months for an adjustment.

All our glasses come with a one year warranty on manufacturing defects. This does not include scratched lenses or wear and tear. Please contact us with any questions regarding warranty repair or replacement.

Do the frames come in different sizes?

No, our frames come in one size per style and some styles are wider or more narrow than others. We provide each frames’ measurements on the product's detail page as well as a detailed fit guide.

Can I order frames without lenses?

No, we do not offer frames without lenses, but we do offer frames with clear (no magnification) for those seeking out a stylish look or for those who want to have their prescription installed by an optician.

How do I know if a frame fits me?

Here are a few rules of thumb to determine whether a frame fits:

  • Pupils should be near the center of the lens.
  • The width of the frame shouldn’t extend past the side of your face.
  • Eyebrows should not be inside the lenses.
  • When you smile, your cheeks shouldn’t push the frames up.
  • The temples are not too long or too short.

Where can I find my frame’s measurements?

Optical measurements of the frames can be found on the inside of the left temple of all of our styles, as well as on our website on each individual product page.

What kind of materials do you use to make your glasses? 

Italian MAZZUCCHELLI block acetate: This is the type of material we use to make 100% of our frames. Acetate is the same material used to make most high-end designer frames. The color and quality are unmatched. This is the good stuff, people and Mazzucchelli is simply the best!

Metal: We use the highest quality, precision crafted shiny and mat metals in Gold, Rose Gold, Silver and Black in all of our metal frames. This guarantees a strong and durable frame that can be worn by many face shapes. 

How do I use a promo code?

This option is available during checkout. Scroll down to the box that reads “Promo Code” to enter.

Can I use more than one promo code at a time?

No, we can only accept one promo code per order.

What are your lenses made of?

Our lenses are made of Acrylic, TAC or CR-39

Please visit our lens guide page for the details of each lens quality and characteristics.

What coatings do you have?

We offer scratch resistant coating, premium anti-reflective coating and a UVA/UVB filter. We also have polarized lenses, transition lenses and a Blue Light filtering coating. Please visit our lens guide page for the details of each lens.

Do you offer frames only or non-prescription “fashion” glasses?

We do offer all of our frames with no prescription – you can order them with clear lenses.  First choose Readers on any product page, then 'Select My Lens' and then Clear Lenses

Where will you make my glasses?

Our frames are sourced throughout the world with the best suppliers and manufacturers.

All our glasses are designed and assembled in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

How do your Blue Light glasses work?

FRENCH KIWIS Blue Light is your secret weapon for combatting digital eyestrain. These amazing frames help lessen the effects of Blue Light so you can log more screen time. Blue light is available in all our styles in no magnification and in reader strengths from +0.50 to +3.50

I need a +2.00 in my right eye and a +2.50 in my left.  Can I still order FRENCH KIWIS?

Well, we don’t usually do this, but since you are so nice……we can create a pair just for you with two different magnifications. There is an additional charge to do, so if you have some frames you are considering please send us an email at info@frenchkiwis.com for a quote. One thing to note, these custom creations are not eligible for return or exchange. We made these especially for you so with you is where they should be. 

Still have more questions?

Email us at info@frenchkiwis.com